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In the world of fast production and consumption MUGHE GOURMET was initiated by Muge Ergulec in 2013 for friends who are hungry for genuine, exceptional and outstanding products. MUGHE GOURMET is producer and distributor of gourmet foods and confectionery. Special Handmade Luxury Turkish Delights. Turkish Coffee Roasted in Wood Fire, Special Mix Dried Fruits&Nuts.

MUGHE GOURMET is dedicated to people who are looking for exclusivity in what they consume. Our aim is to become the Jacques Loussier of the Gourmet Food Products business, and our company motto is “What you eat is What you are”.

MUGHE GOURMET is a brand which believes that the biggest success in life is to be happy, in that manner our main goal is to grow in our business line with our customers who are happy with what they consume.

All MUGHE GOURMET products are Suitable for Vegeterians.

products of mughe gourmet                products of mughe gourmet

Why do kids love Turkish Delight?

Turkish Delight (Lokum) not only a popular dessert sweet of Turkey,  this traditional sweet, better known in Europe and America as it is included in the children’s fantasy book written by C.S.Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

Discover the unique delights of Turkey!


International Orders

Mughe Turkish Cotton Candy
Luxury Turkish Delight Assorted Pistachio Gift Box
Tahini Halva assortment
products of mughe gourmet
Torrone Nougat by Mughe Gourmet

products of mughe gourmet

Turkish Delight



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Mughe Gourmet Turkısh Delıght

Turkish Delight is an authentic Ottoman sweet which has been used as a precious gift from hundreds of years. It is first thought to be invented as throat freshner. With its exquisite  texture  and taste it is  stil the most consumed confectionery in our country. Delight has spreaded to europe in 19th century through a British traveller.

Mughe Gourmet delights today combines the historic taste with modern touches. Our delights doesn’t contain any preservatives and also made from Gluten free Corn starch. Between many fruit flavors we highly recommend ; Pommangrante Pistachio, Chocolate Covered Pistachio and Rose flavored Lokums.

Discover one of the most traditional, authentic and well-recognized Turkish sweets, Mughe Gourmet Turkish Delight  Zereshk, Saffron, Rose Petal and Chocolate coated with Pistachio.

You are welcome to enjoy a moment in Sultan’s Palace.

Why Mughe Gourmet?

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products of mughe gourmet
Mughe Chocolate Covered Cotton Candy
products of mughe gourmet
Mıughe Turkish Cotton Candy Pismaniye
products of mughe gourmet
Torrone Nougat Candy
products of mughe gourmet
Premium Handmade Chocolate Gift Box
products of mughe gourmet
Premium Assorted Baklava Sweets
products of mughe gourmet
Luxury Halva Assortment




Mughe Gourmet


Nougat, Halva, Turkish Cotton Candy Pismaniye, Akide Candy, Baklava, Handmade Chocolate & Marzipan

Mughe Gourmet confectioneries are still produced in accordance with original recipes. Try Mughe Gourmet akide candy, Turkish or Eastern Baklava, Handmade Chocolate and Marzipan.

Why Mughe Gourmet?


Exclusıve Orders

For your special occasions as birthday, weddings, Eid gifts, christmas hampers and for all the other special days for you, Mughe Gourmet is at your service. Your request will be designed and priced exclusively for you and will be delivered to your target country.

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Turkish Coffee







Mughe Gourmet

Turkısh Coffee

Turkısh Coffee

Mughe Gourmet Turkish Coffee

✔ 100% PURE ARABICA GROUND COFFEE – Original Beautiful Ottoman Style Can Holding 100% Pure Arabica Ground Turkish Coffee – Roasted in Wood Fire for Maximum Earthy Taste and Very Unique Flavor – Very strong on flavor, rich in aroma and almost earthy. Brews perfectly.

mughe gourmet coffee with delight
Dried Fruits and Nuts







Dried Fruits and Nuts

Mughe Gourmet Dried Fruits

Mughe Gourmet Special Dried Fruit Tray for people who care for their health. A great choice from the Anatolian region Special Mix Dried Fruits and Nuts.

Today, the consumption of dried  fruits has become an essential part  of healthy consumption.

Mughe Gourmet Dried Fruits&Nuts are  cholesterol free, rich in vitamins and  minerals and totally fat free. They are a good source of fibre and  also rich in antioxidants.

Dried fruits and nuts are precious for human health and advantageous  with respect to nourishment .

Special Stuffed Dried Fruit&Nuts Gift Basket


products of mughe gourmet
Tropical Dried Mix Fruit Gift Tray



Olive oil

Mughe Gourmet

Extra Vırgın Olıve Oıl