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Mughe Gourmet Special Stuffed Dried Fruit&Nuts
Mughe Gourmet Nut Dried Fruit Gift Basket

dried-mix-special-by-mughe-gourmet            special dried fruit mix plate by mughe gourmet                     special dried fruit plate by mughe gourmet

Tropical Dried Fruit Mix Gift Tray


Dried fruits contain many of the health benefits in vitamin and mineral content. Dried fruits will supply you with antioxidants and fiber, which are beneficial for your health.

All of MUGHE GOURMET dried fruit products are selected from anatolian region with deep particularity and care. Our products gain their excellence from the details and quality.

double-roasted-hazel-nuts_by-mughe-gourmet                         turkish coffee with dried fruit by mughe gourmet   mix-dried-fruit-by-mughe-gourmet

Special Dried Fruit Mix Tray


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