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WHY MUGHE GOURMET Turkish Delights?

  • The distinction that defines us is mainly using only the best ingredients. We do Not aim to be the cheapest…
  • We do NOT use glucose syrup or preserving additives in our products.
  • We use only Gluten Free Corn Starch.
  • There is 45% of, 1st. quality pistachio in our delights.
  • We produce extra ordinary tastes in addition to all classic Delights.
  • Different packing options might be applied upon request according to order quantity.
  • We believe that what we eat is what we become.



  1. ROSE PETAL COATED DELIGHT rose coated delight by mughe gourmet

Rose Flavored Turkish Delight must be one of the most famous delights around the world. Here what we present is our way of “Turkish Delight with Rose”.

This unique bouquet of roses, are pure hand decorated particularly for people who consumes only exclusive products.

We decorate our delicious pomegranate flavored delights with real Rose Petals and enrich them with best quality pistachios. They are not only delicious but extremely elegant.

  1. ZERESHK COATED DELIGHT zereshk delight by mughe gourmet

Zereshk is a fruit known as European Barberry which is commonly used in Iranian Cuisine. This precious little rubies contains high proportion of Vitamin C and they have been used as herbal treatment medicines from a very long time. Our Zereshk coated delight is designed as a beautiful marriage of SOUR & SWEET.

Our delicious delights which are full of pistachio are manually decorated with this sour berries. If you enjoy taste of sour you must definitely try our Zereshk coated Delight.


  1. SAFFRON COATED TURKISH DELIGHT saffron coated turkish delight with pistachio

Saffron is originated from South West Asia and has the reputation of most expensive spice in the world. Saffron was one of the most preferred spice in Ottoman Cosine. This unique spice has been used as Herbal Medicine with its antioxidant features since the ancient civilizations in Anatolia. Today we combined this unique taste with our authentic delights.

  1. CHOCOLATE COATED TURKISH DELIGHT chocolate delight by mughe gourmet

This must be one of the most delicious sins in the world. Our double roasted delights are coated with delicious bitter chocolate. With one bite you can feel pistachios, delight and bitter chocolate.

  1. TURKISH DELIGHT WITH MASTIC                 mastic delight by mughe gourmet

Definitely distinguished and original . If you like Aegean famous mastic flavor you will enjoy our Mastic flavored Turkish Delights.

  1. ASSORTED BOX                                                        lokum3

You want to taste Mughe Gourmet Turkish Delights but you don’t know which one to choose, then this box must be your choice. Our assorted box contains: Chocolate Delight, Zereshk Delight, Saffron Delight and Rose Petal Coated Delight. Enjoy all…


Ottomans made a crude version of Turkish Delight using honey, here what we present is our way of “Turkish Delight Honey with Hazel Nuts”. Honey with Turkish famous Hazel Nuts, are unique taste for people who consumes only exclusive products. They are not only delicious but extremely elegant.


Definitely distinguished and original . If you like famous Fig from Turkey with Walnut you will enjoy our Fig with Walnuts Turkish Delights.



Other than our distinguished flavors we also present all classics that you are looking for. Take a look at our list:

  • Double roasted & pistachio
  • Double roasted & hazel nuts
  • Rolling Delights with walnuts
  • Orange flavored
  • Cinnamon flavored
  • Plain delights
  • Rose flavored
  • Mint Flavored
  • Coffee flavored


  • Should Be Stored In Cool and Dry Place. 
  • Should Be Kept out of Direct Sun Light and Humidity.
  • Should Be Consumed within Two Weeks After Opening the Package.